A Race Designed By Defeat


There is one phrase that I truly hate: "I can't". 

While only 2 words (2 syllables, at that), it is not just an awful, tiny sentence, it is an absolution -- an automatic defeat. It is a swift death sentence for achievement, rendered long before chance and possibility are even conceived. It's what stops us in our tracks from being better.

Multiple times every day, my clients tell me, "I can't" -- Their body or current situation is preventing them from being able to achieve a certain goal. We then do the hard work of changing, "I can't"  into:

  • I can't... this time, so I'll keep trying
  • I can't... today, so I'll do what needs to be done, so I can in the future
  • I can't... do it that way, so let me find another way to succeed at it

...Until THEY CAN.

Last  year, I was invited to run the Chicago Marathon on behalf of Action for Healthy Kids. I was thrilled -- What an honor! After months of training and preparation, I learned I was not medically cleared to complete the race. I was told that I can't. Disappointment does not begin to describe the situation -- in myself and my ability to fulfill my obligation to raise money for our kids.

This race was created because I couldn't complete the Chicago Marathon, but I COULD try to honor my promise to Action for Healthy Kids by completing 26.2 miles on the same day as the Chicago Marathon by doing it another way.  

This was the inspiration for our first Progressive Marathon: 26.2 miles broken into 5 splits, with ample rest breaks between the 5 start/finish lines to rest, take on some physical therapy, etc. -- Likely, the only way I COULD complete 26.2 miles on October 7th, 2018. It  took me all day, but this way, is the way I COULD.

We then made it a race that EVERYONE could participate in -- whether they wish to do 26.2 or one of the splits, or just join us at the finish lines and post-race celebration -- with donation registrations starting as low as $5.00, because we wanted everyone to consider participating in the race and believe, "I CAN".

Because while the worst phrase in the world is, "I can't", the most powerful notion is not even "I can", but WE CAN.

~ Dolores Harrell


We want you join us and be a part of this important and fun event -- however you can. Here's how to get involved:

  • Sign up and join the race: in whole or part
  • Meet up with us at the split start/finish
  • Join us at the afterparty celebration
  • Donate for Action for Healthy Kids