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What's a 52,000 race?

It takes approximately 52,000 steps to run/walk 26.2 miles (a marathon). And just like succeeding at any big goal, we're focused on taking it... step by step.

Run, walk... or not.

This is a Progressive Marathon: The race is broken up into segments with 5 starting and 5 finish lines. Don't feel like doing a whole marathon? No sweat. Run or walk as far as you like, and meet up with us to celebrate at the finish lines and afterparty.

the best refueling stops...ever.

Gatorade cups and bananas won't cut it here. Each of the 5 finish lines are located at a premiere restaurant for drinks, activities & prizes. Don't feel like walking/running at all? That's OK. Join us at the finish lines and afterparty just for the fun of it!

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