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Dear Friends,

I made the commitment to run in the 2018 Chicago Marathon and promote healthy living for myself and our society. Running to promote a healthy lifestyle and to fight childhood obesity is a perfect complement. I want future generations of children to be healthy and succeed in school and in life.

Childhood obesity is a major problem that needs to be addressed. More than 30% of American children are obese or overweight. This is triple the number than in 1980. Action for Healthy Kids is helping make a difference through several great programs in both Nutrition and Physical Fitness.

Many of you already know my company, Club FITspiration, donates a dollar for every pound each one of our clients lose to Action for Healthy Kids. With the combined efforts of all our members' sweat and hard work, in 2017 we raised enough money to purchase P.E. equipment for 2 elementary schools who would not otherwise have the resources. 

In an effort to do even more good this year, I intended to lace up my sneakers and proudly run with the Action for Healthy Kids team in Chicago on October 7th. Unfortunately, my body will not be strong enough to run 26.2 in Chicago. However, I am not giving up. 

If it takes me all day, (it probably will) I will mostly walk 26.2 miles on October 7th in my hometown of Scottsdale, AZ instead -- making good on my promise to the children of our country.

With a donation of any size you can help them continue to impact the lives of our kids and get even more of these great programs in local schools -- especially those neighborhoods that need it the most.

Please support my run/walk through the streets of (now) Scottsdale & Tempe and help me support Action for Healthy Kids by making a donation through my page. The process is fast, easy and secure. 

Thanks so much for your support... and please send this page to any friends you think might be interested.

With Love, Hope & Determination,


can't join us in az on the 7th?

While we would love to have everyone possible join us during our fun, Fit+Well 52,000 Marathon in Arizona on October 7th, we know that's not possible for all. 

Please consider joining us in support through donations only - no racing required, and check back here on the website to see footage of the race. Thank you!